Documentation Overview

Unomaly is an algorithmic monitoring platform that analyzes log data to give teams information about anomalies in their IT environments. Working with anomaly detection helps teams to act on issues early, before they become more complex and expensive to investigate and resolve.

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Setting up Unomaly

Ready to get started?

  • See the "Installation Overview" for the minimum requirements to run Unomaly and choose the installation path that works for you, whether it is on-premise, on virtual servers, or in a cloud environment.
  • Use the configuration wizard in the product to create your Unomaly account and quickly set up your Unomaly installation.
  • See "How to send data to Unomaly" to start training Unomaly to analyze the log data from your IT environments. Or go directly to the guidelines for data inputs below.
  • Use the Unomaly REST API to manager the sources sending data to your Unomaly instance. See "REST API Reference".

Data input options and sources

Investigating and monitoring

Read more about "Unomaly core concepts" and "How Unomaly detects anomalies". Start your investigations with Anomalies or Situations.

  • The Anomalies page makes it easier to search for specific types of anomalies detected across your entire IT environment.
  • The Situations page is more appropriate for reviewing anomalies clustered over a rolling period of time from a single log source.
  • Use the Explore page to better understand the data that Unomaly has seen and processed across your IT environment.