The Unomaly console menu

Most administrating and troubleshooting tasks on Unomaly require you to work from the console menu, a command line interface available on each Unomaly instance. After installing Unomaly, you need to use the console menu to configure the new instance. Afterwards, you will need to use the console menu to update the license and automatically update Unomaly.

This topic discusses how to access the console menu, our recommendations for securing access to the console menu, and an overview of the console menu options.

Accessing the console menu

1. Use SSH to connect to the Unomaly instance and run the following command to start the console menu:

sudo /opt/unomaly/bin/console_setup

2. Log in to the console menu. By default, the username and password is unomaly/unomaly. We recommend changing the password and restricting access to the console menu. See "Best practices" below.

After you log in, information about the status of the instance displays at the top of the console menu. The information includes the state and health of the instance, the status of the license and licensed systems, the IP address of the instance, and its memory usage. This is the same information that you can view in the web interface at Settings > Status.

Console menu options

The following table lists the console menu options, a description of its usage, and relevant documentation. Most options open a secondary menu with more choices or prompt you to enter more information.

Option Description Documentation
1) Set network configuration Configure network settings, including IP address, Netmask, Gateway, DNS, and NTP. See "Edit network and communication settings".
2) Select instance role A Unomaly instance can have one of the following roles: Standalone, Manager, and Worker. See "Unomaly deployment architectures".
3) Configure forwarding Send raw events from Unomaly to a third-party solution. You can only add one destination.
4) Reboot Restart the Unomaly instance
7) Exit to system shell Exit the console menu to the system shell of the Unomaly instance.
9) Upgrade Unomaly If your instance is connected to the internet, you can run the guided upgrade from the console menu. See "Upgrade instructions".
Q) Logout Log out of the console menu and Unomaly instance.

Best practices

Restrict access to the console menu

For security reasons, we recommend that you change the password that lets you access the console menu on each Unomaly instance that you run.

1. Log in to the console menu.

2. Choose option 7 to Exit to the system shell.

3. At the shell prompt, type the unix command passwd.

4. Follow the instructions to change the password of the unomaly user account on the instance.

Do not log in to the console menu from the system shell

If you need to access the console menu on a Unomaly instance, you should always use SSH to connect and log in. For example, if you exit to the system shell (by choosing option 7) on an instance, to return to the console menu again:

1. Log out of the Unomaly instance.

2. Use SSH to reconnect and log back in to the console menu.