Upgrade and migrate deployments

We recommend using the Unomaly console menu to upgrade a Unomaly instance. If you cannot use the console menu, such as when the instance does not have internet access, follow the instructions for a manual upgrade of a Unomaly instance.

Note: This release of Unomaly supports upgrades from Unomaly 2.25. If you are running an earlier version, please contact Unomaly Support at [email protected] and we will assist you with your upgrade.

Console menu upgrade

1. Use SSH to connect to the Unomaly instance and run the following command to start the console menu:

sudo /opt/unomaly/bin/console_setup

For more information about accessing the console menu, see "The Unomaly console menu".

2. Enter 9 to Upgrade Unomaly.

The Update Unomaly menu displays the installed version, latest release version, and status of the instance.

3. Enter 1 to Check for update.

4. Enter 2 to Download update.

This downloads the upgrade package, which is a RUN file, to the instance.

5. Enter 3 to Install update.

The installation will run and return you to the prompt when it completes.

6. Enter Q to return to the main menu.

Manual Upgrade

1. Download the latest upgrade package, which is a versioned RUN file, named unomaly-[version].run.

2. Use SCP or WinSCP (or a similar tool) to copy the upgrade package to Unomaly instance in the directory /tmp/.

3. Log in to the Unomaly instance, and enter 7 to Exit to system shell.

4. Run the following upgrade command, replacing [version] with the version number you are upgrading to, for example 3.2.0.

sudo unomaly-upgrade --version [version] --install

The installation will run and return you to the prompt when it completes.

5. Remove the upgrade package.