Edit network and communication settings

Unomaly needs to have the correct communication and network ports available to receive data from systems and to send email notification to users.

Setting network configuration

You need to use the console menu to change the network settings on a Unomaly instance. Network settings include: the IP address of the instance, the netmask, gateway, DNS, and proxy.

1. Use SSH to log into the Unomaly instance's console menu. See "The Unomaly console menu".

2. Choose option 1 to Set network configuration.

Note: If you change the IP address of the instance, your Unomaly license will no longer be valid for the instance. Contact Sales@unomaly for a new license.

See the "General communication settings" for the list of Unomaly's communication ports.

Configuring email capabilities

After you enable the network and communications settings, we recommend that you configure the email server on your Unomaly instance. You instance relies on this email server to send email notifications when there are issues with the deployment or when there are alerts on monitored systems, and to verify new user accounts that get created.

Follow these instructions to add your own email server to the Unomaly instance:

1. In the Unomaly interface's Settings > Email view, set the SMTP server name and port number.

  • The server name is the IP address or host name of the email server. We recommend that the server have restricted (internal) access.
  • The port number should be 25.

2. (Optional) If your server requires Authentication, set the username and password.

3. Set the Sender email address to use for outbound emails. For example, [email protected].

4. Save your changes.

General communication settings

Unomaly uses the ports listed below for communications between instances and external data sources or systems. Refer to this list when you configure the network and communication settings on your instance.

Inbound to Unomaly from log senders
Protocol/Port Description
TCP/514, UDP/514 Syslog (If logs are sent directly from systems.)
TCP/5514, UDP/5514 Syslog (If logs are sent from a log aggregator.)
Inbound to Unomaly from Unomaly users
Protocol/Port Description
TCP/443 HTTPS web interface access
TCP/22 SSH console access
Outbound from Unomaly to relevant servers
Protocol/Port Description
UDP/123 NTP (Either to internet or to internal NTP servers.)
UDP/53 DNS (Either to internet or to internal DNS servers. Internal is preferred due to reverse DNS lookups in certain scenarios.)
TCP/25 SMTP (To send email. Either Internet or to configured internal SMTP servers. Internal is preferred for stability reasons.)
(Optional) Outbound from Unomaly
Protocol/Port Description
TCP/443 This port enables upgrading by downloading and installing directly through the SSH console menu. This is optional, upgrades can be done by other means as well.