Install on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Follow these instructions to install Unomaly of Google Cloud Platform.

Installation instructions

1. Download the latest version of Unomaly:

2. Provision a Debian 8 (Jessie) instance. Unomaly will not work on systems other than Debian 8 (Jessie).

  • To launch a Debian 8 instance automatically from the command line, use the gcloud command:
gcloud compute instances create instance_name \
--image-project=debian-cloud \
--image=debian-8-jessie-v20180611 \
--boot-disk-size=200G \

3. Make sure the correct firewall rules are applied to the instance.

Type Protocol/Port
Syslog TCP/514, UDP/5514

4. Log in to your provisioned instance and use wget to get the RUN file.


5. Execute the RUN file.

sudo sh unomaly-<version>.run

6. Use a supported browser to navigate to the IP address (from the GCP console) to open the web interface. You will complete the install using the configuration wizard.

Configure email notification

We recommend that you configure the Unomaly instance to send email notifications when there are issues with the deployment or for alerts on monitored systems. If you skipped this part of the configuration wizard, you can go to Settings > Email in the Unomaly interface to configure SMTP and email settings. See "Configure email settings".