Stay in tune with your evolving data center and on top of every situation

Algorithmic analysis of log data from the full software stack — from applications to containers and servers.

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Understand normal

Unomaly analyzes raw data to build a comprehensive picture of your data center's normal operations, setting the baseline for recognizing anomalies.

Detect anomalies

Problems, incidents, and hacks change how systems behave. Unomaly detects these changes in data as they happen, keeping your team close to what is important.

Take action

Insights only matter when acted upon. Use data to determine and act on root causes of outages, avert impending failure, or prevent attempts to breach your systems.


Continuously learns the normal behavior of every application, service, and server

All data, no parsing, fully automated, and systematic.

Data from the full stack

Unomaly ingests logs from all systems — from containers to services and servers — and gives you visibility into each component and across the entire environment.

Profiles the entire data center

Unomaly profiles every event and keeps track of what is supposed to happen, when, and where. This information acts as ground truth to how your systems work and why failures happen.


Automatically isolates the data from every change, problem, or incident

Helps teams stay in tune and on top of every important situation.

Paints a clear picture

When problems occur, Unomaly automatically isolates and highlights the anomalous data. This reveals important situations without the need for dashboards, custom rules, or ad hoc search expressions.

Reveals underlying details

Unomaly gives you immediate access to every anomalous event, so that you can understand how the situation evolved — from the first event to the last — no need for manual investigations to find the data.

Learns from you, too

Lets you tag and classify vital events, connecting learnings to the data itself and ensuring that you and your team never miss repeated issues.

Enables teamwork

Everyone on the team can offer insight into an issue by commenting, sharing, and interacting on anomalies. Work together to move the investigation forward and capture results quickly.

Retains history

Unomaly retains all learning, anomalies, and other data that matters so that you can always go back in time.

Notifies when needed

Define actions in Unomaly to send an email or push notification the moment your environment does the unknown.

Provides developer options

Extend the functionality of Unomaly by integrating with the API. Make it part of your existing infrastructure and operations.


Allow you and your team to be in command

One place where all data is systematically analyzed, scored, and prioritized in real time.

Avert drift

Act on anomalies before they become bigger problems.

Detect hackers

See what their manipulations do to your data center.

Avoid outages

Unomaly reveals the root cause, so you can fix the issue.

Prove control

Analyze data while protecting privacy. Work with intent.

Streamline work

Remove excessive tooling and get rid of complex processes.

Change more

Less busy work, more delivery with fewer risks.

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