Unomaly Features Tour

Unomaly curates your log data and provides the tools you need to understand, discovery and troubleshoot your entire environment.

Observe repeating patterns and unique behaviors

Remove gaps in observability by understanding the state of your infrastructure through the logs that Unomaly has processed and curated. Unomaly provides a powerful tool set to slice and dice your data to uncover unique correlations between your data and discover previously unobservable behavior.

Compare Systems

Discover if the output of your production and staging environments are mirroring each other as intended.

Event profiles

Understand how Unomaly aggregates log events by reviewing which events have been identified along with metadata for each.

Infrastructure visibility

Zoom out to see your entire environment and uncover where change clusters.

Detect anomalies and manage change

Most incidents have unknown causes and therefore can’t be defined by anything other than their negative consequences. With roots of failure buried deep within your environment. Unomaly uncovers all possible root causes by surfacing change (anomalies) and allowing you to investigate either by reviewing a list of all anomalies or by group.


When a log event doesn’t match any of the historic patterns of events, it is considered an anomaly. Anomalies shows change for each log source sent to Unomaly and expands your investigative capabilities.


Time-based clusters of anomalies are flagged as situations to call out events that may require your attention. Each situation is tagged with a score and lets you filter by types of anomalies.

Control and customize how your team works with your logs

Any good automation is tweaked and perfected by people. Unomaly gives you the option to use our log analysis algorithm out-of-the-box or to make customizations to better reflect how you work.

Define known events

Remember a specific anomalous event to be immediately notified when they occur. Labeling events as Knowns ensure they aren’t learned by Unomaly to be considered normal.

Reduce noise or avoid miscalculations

Adjust the sensitivity of Unomaly’s learning algorithm by which it merges log events with differing parameters. By lowering sensitivity, Unomaly will learn behaviors faster and produce less parameter anomalies. If you increase sensitivity, you will receive more anomalies for a more granular view into your infrastructure.

Merge parameters tokens

Select how to merge parameters to better inform Unomaly’s learning algorithm to fit the specific needs of your environment.

Get Notified

Select from a list of action plugins and integrations to best get information from Unomaly in front of your teams.

Collaborate with your team

Set up authentication with LDAP or SAML, invite team members and manager permissions on the team level.