Interview with ESL: Transition to microservices & more

ESL, a long time customer of Unomaly has been evolving alongside us. We interviewed them back in 2018 and decided to check in again. Thomas Pohler (VP of IT) and Felix Fienhals (Site Reliability Engineer) sat down with us and took us through how they are using Unomaly now and how they see the company continuing to use Unomaly in future. 

Observing Google Cloud Platform Services Best Practices

Google Cloud Platform offers a basic set of monitoring capabilities baked into the platform. Virtually anything that runs on top of GCP will get basic monitoring through health checks, basic alerting and basic log management.

Packaging Uno into the browser using WebAssembly

WebAssembly is a low-level compilation target for many languages like Go, C and C++. It is since 2017 supported in all major browsers and enables performance critical code to run in the client or other JavaScript environments.

Better Understand Your Complex Environments with Unomaly 3.4

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been working on Unomaly 3.4. In this series of releases, we’ve dedicated our efforts to creating the tools to help you understand your complex environments, slice and dice your data and provide clues for where to look when things go wrong.

Designing Exclusion Functionality into the Existing Filter Bar

By using the filter bar, it is easy to find value when you know exactly what you are looking for and drill down to learn more. However, what about cases when the user does not know what they are looking for? How can they find the signal when there is clutter hiding it?

Golang Ingestion Library for Unomaly’s Ingest HTTP API

Logs are generated everywhere, ranging from the printer in the corner of your office to your new application architecture running docker containers on top of Kubernetes — Regardless, to analyze any of those logs, you need to send these logs over your network to Unomaly.

Mining for execution patterns in streaming log data

Workflows answer the simple question, “what are my systems doing?” by providing you with a simple way to gain a deeper understanding of your infrastructure.

New Plugin: Create Unomaly Alerts in OpsGenie

Our new OpsGenie plugin for Unomaly will help users of both products stay on top of their anomalies.

Unomaly’s Weekly Release Train is Going Full-Steam Ahead

We are making a major shift for how we are going to release updates of our product to our customers and users by releasing weekly.

Heading Towards Zero Bugs in Production

Where there is code, there will be bugs. Where there is change, there will be new bugs. And there is a limit to how much time that can be spent making sure code is bug free. It’s impossible to completely prevent them.

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