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The world relies on IT systems to a greater extent than ever. We believe that there is a better way to monitor this critical part of our lives.

This is Unomaly

Based in Stockholm, Unomaly creates a unique solution for performing realtime diagnosis and behavioral monitoring of critical IT systems. We started out 2010 and are now operating internationally, working closely with our reselling partners. Our team is made out of highly experienced and passionate people who has been working with data, monitoring and and critical IT infrastructure for their entire careers.

Our vision is to contribute to drastically lowering the global impact of the unknown by making it naturally visible. This, we think, will in turn act as a catalyst for the rapid change and continuous improvement that is required for businesses to innovate.

Interested to join the Unomaly team?
Right now we don’t have any open positions, but if you think we are crazy not to hire you - send your CV and a personal introduction to [email protected]

Our goal is to visualize a digital world in a humanly understandable way

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