Running a leading real estate company with Unomaly

With Unomaly, Vasakronan can spot incidents as soon as they occur and resolve them before their users are affected. Unomaly’s scoring feature for detected anomalies allows them to prioritize, focusing on the most critical issues first. This allows Vasakronan to be more agile instead of scrutinizing every detail. They also integrated Unomaly with Microsoft Teams to collaborate with colleagues and IT outsourcing partners on their findings.

Before working with Unomaly, we waited for incidents to happen before accessing our log data. Now we find problems as they occur. In many cases we have been able to fix problems before they affect our users.

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John Ström

IT at Vasakronan

Using IoT to monitor real estate assets

In the past year Vasakronan, has successfully created a new platform that connects building information, building automation and IoT. With support from Microsoft, they built their platform in the Azure IoT Hub to handle daily challenges, resolve incidents on behalf of clients, and respond to security threats. As a horizontal platform, it allows Vasakronan to optimize energy consumption, increase security, and offer new services to customers.

Needing to resolve incidents before operational impact

Today, when new security threats are discovered daily, it is crucial to implement new security solutions. With a large property portfolio, Vasakronan needed a way to respond to incidents before they impacted their customers.

Anytime an incident happened, the company would investigate by sorting through every detail in the logs while its users would already be feeling the impacts. This has been coupled with growing organizational demands such as GDPR and IT security as well as spending resources on digitizing different processes. Vasakronan knew that dealing with such incidents in a reactive manner was unsustainable. They needed a more proactive way to respond to incidents and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction while remaining agile.

Machine learning scans logs for anomalies in real time

In search for a solution, Vasakronan found Unomaly which uses its automated machine learning technology to analyze log data in real time. When the tool finds anomalies in the data, it immediately alerts the company. Vasakronan no longer needed to wait until a customer notified them of an incident and spend precious time investigating the logs.

“Before working with Unomaly, we waited for incidents to happen before accessing our log data. Now we find problems as they occur. In many cases we have been able to fix problems before they affect our users”, says John Ström, IT at Vasakronan.

During the past year, Vasakronan used Unomaly to complement their traditional security products, such as firewalls and antivirus software. Unomaly helps Vasakronan analyze log data from their server environment, not only for detecting incidents but also for monitoring changes, such as patch management and Active Directory auditing.

For example, John points out: “We had an email filtering service renamed so that the common name in the certificate did not match anymore. As a result, external mail was not delivered. Thanks to Unomaly, we noticed the change immediately and saved a lot of time. Not only did we find that these emails were not deleted, but we also uncovered information about where the error was. We noticed this through the error message, which was reported as a deviation in Unomaly.”

The integration of Unomaly’s machine learning and anomaly detection tool to their IT security suite helped Vasakronan save time, become more agile, maintain more control over their real estate assets, and boost customer satisfaction by significantly shortening their response time to incidents.

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