Unomaly is free for personal use and start-ups

At the heart of Unomaly, we are a group of engineers that want to get the value of anomaly detection in the hands of our peers. This is why we’ve decided to offer our product free for all engineers and start-ups for a maximum of 10 data sources.

This free version of Unomaly is fully-featured. The only limit is the number of log sources you can analyze at any given time. For most of you, the 10 systems Unomaly analyzes will be more than enough to stay proactive ahead of any incidents affecting your small business or side hustle.

To use Unomaly for free, we may ask for feedback on our product so that we can make it better for you and our business customers. We’ll send the occasional survey, collect anonymous usage metrics and reach out to you through our community Slack channel.


How can this free version of Unomaly help me?

For smaller projects using multiple tools to cover your needs may not be possible, but with anomaly detection you are universally covered as Unomaly will identify change that may raise suspicions of an impending incident. These early indicators will help you proactively tackle bugs and technical debt.

Though some of us aren’t working on side projects and just want to make life a little bit easier. Our engineering manager, Johnny Chadda, uses Unomaly to monitor his home server and smart home devices. For instance, anomalies are detected when a wall dimmer runs out of battery and he is alerted when his robot vacuum is stuck somewhere in the house.

Whether you are starting your own business or more of a tinkerer, Unomaly may be beneficial tool for your stack.

Unomaly isn’t the only free tool we offer. Uno, a uniq-like CLI tool for log data is free to download as well.

Once you’ve downloaded, join our community on Slack to talk about all things anomaly detection or to ask Johnny about his vacuum.

Written by Tony Albanese
on March 12, 2019