Unomaly 3.3 Puts Rapid Experimentation in Motion

At Unomaly we have a dedicated team with a strong desire to do a lot more experimentation.

Unomaly 3.3 opens the floodgates of experimentation where we can test new product features with our customers and users.

Introducing the Explore Page

Joining Situations and Anomalies in our top navigation, the Explore Page is where we will host early experiments that will carve the way for new fully-fledged features in Unomaly.

In the past, we’ve developed features under wraps until they were fully baked. With this release we want to give you early access to upcoming features and include you in the process to deliver them.

We would love to hear what you think about the Explore Page. Simply, reach out to us in our Slack channel or directly in the product in the chat module.

Initially, the Explore Page will launch with two features.

Learned Event Profiles

When Unomaly processes log events it automatically learns common log events. Ultimately, we’re working on a new version of the current system profile page that gives you access to more information about common log events that your systems emit.

The Event Profiles page in Explore gives you access to all the log events that Unomaly learned while analysing your environment. You can filter them by system or group and order them by count, first/last seen, average interval between log events and the standard deviation of that average interval.

Any parts of the log event that are gray in this view are dynamic parameters, parts of the log event that change regularly while the rest of the log event stays the same.

Infrastructure Overview

The Infrastructure pageoffersa dynamic visualization of your entire environment, which you can filter by group. Each circle in the visualization represents a system. The size of the circle varies depending on the amount of log events a system emits per second. If the circle is red, Unomaly has detected an anomaly recently, if it is green it has not. Clicking on a system circle will take you to the anomalies for that event profile.

Other updates in Unomaly 3.3

Rewritten user account management

We’ve completely rewritten the user management layer in Unomaly and made it easy to integrate Unomaly with existing user account infrastructure such as ActiveDirectory, LDAP or GSuite (SAML).

Whomever needs access to Unomaly’s log analysis, simply add them as a user!

For a full list of updates and changes in Unomaly 3.3 please review our release notes.

  • Access to a new metrics dashboard so you can see the metrics that you provide Unomaly when you opt to share metrics. The dashboards are based on prometheus and grafana and integrate easily in existing monitoring or metrics infrastructure.
  • Transforms, another new experiment feature in this release, that allow users to help the Unomaly algorithm better cluster log events by merging tokens.
  • Finally, our login page got a much needed visual update.

As you can see Unomaly 3.3 is very heavy on experimentation. To read more about our approach to experimentation read the blog post by our VP of Engineering, Ingrid: “We’ve Failed, Yay! Experimentation at Unomaly

View our release notes to upgrade

Upgrading to 3.3 includes a database migration, which may take up to several hours for large datasets. Please plan accordingly.

Written by Tony Albanese
on April 1, 2019