Golang Ingestion Library for Unomaly’s Ingest HTTP API

Logs are generated everywhere, ranging from the printer in the corner of your office to your new application architecture running docker containers on top of Kubernetes — Regardless, to analyze any of those logs, you need to send these logs over your network to Unomaly.

Traditionally, shipping logs over the network involved using the syslog protocol. While syslog still is a great standard. Syslog requires a format that does not allow for including additional metadata to your log events, which can be hugely valuable in modern infrastructure and application stacks.

Enter Unomaly ingestion API

This is just one of the reasons why we feel that the move from syslog to a more modern method for shipping your logs is necessary to make these interactions seamless. Our ingest HTTP API supports sending events in batches and adds metadata to your events. Several of our integrations, including our plugins for fluentd, logstash and graylog, already use this API.

To take this a step further, we’ve released an open source Golang Ingestion Library to make it easier for application and integration developers to leverage the full powers of the ingest API.

Find the source code at https://github.com/unomaly/ingest-go or review our API documentation.

Join Unomaly Friends!

Our team opted for Golang for this release because we use it a lot internally. We are looking into open sourcing other libraries in the future, potentially for ruby or python. We’d love to hear what you think or answer any question about our future plans.

Join our Unomaly Friends slack channel to connect with our team, including the author of this project, @AlexandrePesant. Just @ him on slack or twitter.

Written by Andreas Lindh
on June 5, 2019