Join our alpha program to try Unomaly on Docker

For the past few months, we have quietly tested a new way to run Unomaly on any platform that supports DockerCE with a few of our customers. Now we are opening our alpha program, codenamed Amelia, to anyone who is interested.

We are testing this new way to run Unomaly because we are committed to making it easier to run our software in modern cloud environments. This is a first step towards a docker based deployment model, which will allow you to run Unomaly on top of Kubernetes in the future. We will, of course, continue to provide Unomaly as a bootable application.. 

You can install this version of Unomaly to analyze up to 10 log sources for free. If you have questions please submit a ticket to our support team or join our Slack community.

Benefits to trying Unomaly on Docker

Installing and upgrading Unomaly will become as easy as executing a few short Docker commands. This will  launch a fresh version of Unomaly or, if you already have Unomaly on Docker installed, upgrade you to the latest version.

System requirements

  • Docker 18.06 or later
  • Ubuntu LTS 18.04 or later


The current alpha release is a fully functional version of Unomaly, which we use internally to analyze our own log data. However, we strongly recommend that you run this alpha version independent of your production environment to avoid any potential issues before a stable release is available. 

In its current state, there are several limitations to be aware of:

  • Fluentd is not included by default
  • Transportd is deprecated
  • No distributed setup
  • No upgrade path from current Debian-based installations
  • No included backup / restore

Installation instructions 


curl -L > docker-compose.yml


docker-compose pull && docker-compose -p unomaly up -d


To upgrade, first stop Unomaly.

docker-compose down

Download new compose file and run the upgrade.

curl -L > docker-compose.yml
docker-compose pull
docker-compose -p unomaly up -d

Providing feedback of your experience

For us to develop a stable version of Unomaly on Docker, we require feedback of your experience. If you run into a bug, please let us know by joining the #amelia channel in our community Slack or by opening a ticket for our support team. 

Written by Tony Albanese
on November 27, 2019